Friday, July 3, 2009

Juliana Hatfield: Please Do Not Disturb (1997)

While killing time in one of my favourite local used CD shops, I came across Juliana Hatfield's Only Everything in the dollar bin, and was stoked. That very same dollar bin is where I discovered Juliana some time ago.

Since Only Everything turned out to be too large a file for Mediafire to handle, I figured I would tide you over with my favourite Juliana Hatfield disc: 1997's Please Do Not Disturb EP (which was followed up by Bed-- my favourite LP-- in 1998). This was her first release after being dropped from Atlantic records after the God's Foot fiasco, and it might have been the pressure or maybe the lack of pressure, but the record turned out to be, in my opinion, her best to date.

It's a little further on the rockish side than the previous release, Only Everything, but 'The Edge of Nowhere' is a slow and moderately haunting track that forms a perfect farewell to the disc.

This album is presently out of print.

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  1. Thanks so much for this. I'm slowly discovering her music - she's really wonderful. I didn't even know about this EP. Appreciate it.