Friday, December 25, 2009

Kindercore Christmas Two (1999)

When Tay posted Christmas in Stereo yesterday, she left out a nifty little fact about the album: it is the first appearance of any band credited as Major Organ and the Adding Machine. On Christmas in Stereo, however, the band is an entirely different beast, consisting of Jeff Mangum and Julian Koster, with vocals by Jill Carnes.
Go trivia.

Today's post goes quite nicely with yesterday's, I must say, seeing as it is the follow up. Christmas Two feautres more of the same idea: delightful indie pop covers of traditional holiday jams, along with a few original tracks. I think I may even prefer it.
Christmas Two features tracks by Dressy Bessy, The Essex Green, Bugs Eat Books, Vermont, and a big ol' horde of other bands that matter. This one is worth picking up even for you Grinches.

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