Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Smiles: Oh for the Getting and Not Letting Go (2009)

We have a new release for you today, and one well-deserving of attention. I cannot help but feel slightly hurt when Jason Lytle receives attention for his solo album, and this gem remains uncited. All Smiles is the recording moniker of once-Grandaddy-guitarist Jim Fairchild, along with a backup band perfect for namedropping (including members of Modest Mouse, Sleater Kinney, and Great Northern).

This particular disc was released on June 30th, 2009, but has been easily available on the internet for months. It has a lovely balance between being soft and calming and being a rock album. It is, at its core however, still a pop album, and quite a fine one at that. It is not without flaws, no, and some of you might find it generic and unmemorable (I, personally, don't tend to slip into this sound often, so it felt new and refreshing enough to keep me more than content), but it is still definitely worth a listen, and maybe a few more-- just to make sure you got your opinion right the first time.

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