Friday, August 14, 2009

Elephant Stone: The Seven Seas (2009)

Dear bands,
Please, try not to name your group after something much more popular and Googlable than you will likely ever be.

And no, no, let me retract that. Given time and the right attention, I could see this band becoming huge-- and for good reason. The Seven Seas is another one of those amazing releases that gives this blog a reason to exist. They sound a bit like The Beatles-- but with more sitar, and a generally more modern sound. As neo-psychedelia goes, this is one of those gems that manages to really excite.

The album features some pretty important names in Canadian indie (Elephant Stone is, in fact, fronted by Rishi Dhir, of the High Dials) and, of course, that obviously matters to you guys. They're also from Montreal-- which is apparently the only city you're allowed to be based out of, if you want any credibility.

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