Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orange Glass: Interstellar Interstellar (1996)

I take a break now from the most confounding television streaming I've ever experienced to bring you one of those nearly-lost Canadian gems.

When a band's Last.fm page says something equivalent of "No one listens to us, even through we sound a bit like Eric's Trip, and we're even from the same area!" one cannot help but sympathize-- and want to rewrite their page, frankly, because that is not informative at all.

But then, I suppose the Eric's Trip comparison is necessary, since they're both in the same genre, and even both from Moncton, New Brunswick. Orange Glass lack a Julie Doiron player (which is a shame, since female vocals will win nine times out of ten for me) but their sound still brings their peers to mind, and obviously whoever wrote their Last.fm page wanted to try to cash in on it.
And if we're playing compare and contrast, then it is worth saying that Orange Glass's sound is less lazy, more poppy-- which some might look at as a negative point. Interstellar Interstellar is well put together, with obvious thought as to how each track fits into those surrounding it.

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