Friday, September 4, 2009

Amy Millan: Masters of the Burial (2009, leak)

Been a while? Why yes, it has. But today I come to you with a leak which seems to have been mostly overlooked, thanks to it leaking alongside Brand New and the Mountain Goats. I have, however, given Amy Millan much more devoted listening than either of those two albums (which is, I will admit, almost upsetting, as I am a long-time Brand New fan).

Masters of the Burial (which is officially released on September 8th) is a good deal less twangy than 2006's Honey From the Tombs. It has a much more familiar singer-songwriter sort-of sound but do not let this straying allow you to feel that it is bad.

The songs are delightful and peaceful; relaxing but not necessarily boring-- although I will continue to suggest you multitask while listening; I have enjoyed the record mostly while reading and sipping tea, but that is only because I am a pretentious brat.

Like any album, your opinion is still yours and it ultimately up to you. All I can do is suggest you give it a proper spin. And don't just listen while thinking about Stars or Broken Social Scene.
That's very rude.

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