Monday, October 26, 2009

Christine Fellows: Nevertheless (2007)

This is a recent addition to my collection, and so I am unable to say as much about it as I would like, but I felt the need to share this, because it is something that has managed to attach itself to me.

Although she's more attention for her marriage to Weakerthan's frontman John K. Samson-- who is also feautured on Nevertheless-- Fellows has a decent repertoire of her own; she composes for film and dance-- and Nevertheless is, in fact, her fourth studio album.

And so, what is Nevertheless? It is something quaint and maybe a tad quirky, packed with the sorts of sounds that inspire. The Spinster's Almanac, and Let Us Have Done With the Umbrella of Our Contagion have a chipperness that evokes images of birds-- finches and sparrows-- while tracks like The Parlour Rollers have a smooth melancholia to them-- but none of these tracks seem out of place; they do not grate up against each other or contrast too sharply. Rather, the album flows quite well, functioning the way it should: as a single art piece in itself, rather than a mismatched collection of songs.

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