Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bruce Peninsula: A Mountain is a Mouth

The album cover both perfectly defines this album, and manages to do the exact opposite. When I glance at it, a smile is instantly upon my face, and it delivers the right emotion. Just not enough of it.

A Mountain is a Mouth is a big record. It is epic and loud, and surprisingly organized, and one cannot help but close their eyes and try to pick the voices apart. One smiles and sways along and just waits for those special, single moments they find themselves attached to. It is an inspiring record. It makes you feel good.

The songs all flow perfectly into each other like extensions upon extensions in one fourty minute track. Even when one has learnt the album it still manages to surprise when suddenly, oh, no, that's a different track. The tracks do not all sound the same, no. They are simply all of the same idea.

It's the powerful sort-of thing that sounds like what disaster movies should be, but would never make the soundtrack for one.

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