Monday, November 23, 2009

Elk City: New Believers (2007)

When I initially bought this album, I did not like it. I listened to it once, stashed it away, and considered it a waste of money. Some months later, I put it in my CD player on a whim and was instantly lovestruck.

Renée LoBue's vocals are charming and powerful, ideal for rock music and easy to listen to. They do, truthfully, stand out as a highlight of the album and they stand out even more next to the masses of indie pop bands fronted by weak, timid vocals. Even the tracks with sounds showing typical indie popo potential are thrown far away from that definition.

The melodies are catchy-- not quite rock and not quite pop, and oh, is that a little bit of folk thrown in?-- and the album is easy to listen to in most situations. However, it just might take a little while to grow on you.

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