Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ballboy: A Guide for the Daylight Hours (2004)

I cannot help but find myself surprised that this band has attracted so little attention. Ballboy have been active since the late nineties, were a favourite of John Peel, and are absolutely delightful.
The highlight of this band is, by far, the lyrics, which are truly some of the greatest, wittiest words I've heard in a long time. I have caught myself chuckling aloud, in public, and oh, right, this is the band responsible for song titles like 'I Don't Have Time to Stand Here With You Fighting About the Size of My Dick' or 'I Lost You, But I Found Country Music', and if that doesn't have you sold, well, you're probably a lot higher brow than me.

And well, even if you do have classier tastes, don't go and ignore this band. The music is decent, with a bit of an emphasis on drums, and the melodies are simply lovely.

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