Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Luck: Into Lake Griffy (2009)

I could simply type "sounds like Nana Grizol", and Sheesha would be onto this like it was wearing a Chekov costume. But unfortunately for myself, more people than just Sheesha read this blog. So I will go into a little more detail. Good Luck is an all-star band (just like Nana Grizol) featuring members of bands like Matty Pop Chart (not like Nana Grizol). They are part of the Plan It X and No Idea records collectives, like other bands such as Defiance, Ohio. It is a very worthwhile record, and you should download it right now, and purchase the vinyl because it is apparently made out of different pieces of broken vinyls melted together apparently, but I don't know for sure because mine is still in the mail. Alex out.

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  1. You're an asshole, and hopefully the only people who will see this and get that joke are myself and Tay.