Monday, March 15, 2010

The Diskettes: Weeknights at Island View Beach (2005)

The internet doesn't want to provide me with much information on this group, but here's what I know: The Diskettes are a darling Canadian twee band with dual male and female vocals. They also happen to be the some of the most fun you'll find in your media player.

Weeknights at Island View Beach is a definite pick-me-up album: it's cheery and charming and simple. They are comparable to other twee groups, yes, but there's a peculiar and different sense of inelegance that makes the whole thing just that much sweeter, more endearing.

As the word 'twee' implies, this album is adorable. Don't miss out on this gem.


  1. Thanks! I had a couple of these songs downloaded from their myspace a couple years ago but could never find more. Song 14 was corrupted and didn't dl by the way.

  2. Oh, that's peculiar. Alex said the same thing, so I'll try re- zipping and uploading. It's just 15 minutes of ocean sounds, though, so you're not missing anything terribly exciting.