Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Beards: Funtown (2002)

Being a British Columbian, it is in my very nature to follow Lisa Marr around like a lost puppy (due, of course, to her role in the wildly popular Vancouver pop act Cub, active in the 1990s). Funtown is a particularly special album, however, because it also features Muffs frontwoman Kim Shattuck.

The two women's track combine beautifully on Funtown, making it almost impossible to distinguish the fact that they were penned by different writers. And the songs? Delightful and danceable pop/punk (and an actual combination of pop and punk, not the mess of teenaged angst that seems to have that title tacked onto it). It is something like a cranberry tart, with its perfect combination of sweetness and bite and can be easily adored by fans or either or both genres.

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