Monday, July 19, 2010

Laura Peek and the Winning Hearts: From the Photographs (2007)

You may have noticed some absence on my part. This wasn't due to laziness or forgetfulness, but rather to a sort-of disinterest toward every album that came my way. My past few months have been spent listening to the same Gaze albums on repeat and obsessively researching the Russian Revolution.

This changed when, a few years too late, I happened to hear the single off of Laura Peek's debut: Stand Right There. While I typically approach new albums with a music elitist's disapproval, the song had my instantly in love, and instantly making a purchase-- and one of my better purchases in ages.

The best terms I could use to describe this album are charming; quaint; sweet; but not in the same manner that one looks at twee. There is a peculiar sort-of old style class here, brought out by Peek's literary lyrical style (the one that makes me swoon). Her piano playing is lively, her voice sweet and girlish, and her subjects a tad on the darker side, creating a fun and dancey contrast.

Oh, and The Verdict is about Nabokov's novel Lolita, which charms me immensely.


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