Sunday, November 7, 2010

Alina Orlova: Laukinis Šuo Dingo (2008)

Any of you who commonly listen to 'foreign' music have probably heard of Alina Orlova. She is a young Lithuanian songwriter, specializing in the jazzier side of folk music. I should imagine that most readers of this blog are familiar with the style of music, but the style isn't necessarily what matters-- it's the talent. And Alina Orlova has talent.
She is among the many artists of the modern day who found their fame through demos released on the internet. Alina Orlova is no Justin Bieber, however. All of her songs-- on Laukinis Šuo Dingo and otherwise-- are magnificent compositions. Orlova possesses a unique voice, with the ability to be equal parts spectral and saccharine, and the fact that I can't understand a bloody word of the lyrics means that the entire mood of the song centres around her voice and her piano.

Laukinis Šuo Dingo is Orlova's debut, and is a few years old. You can, however, expect this year's Mutabor to be making the rounds of Top Ten lists, come December.


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